Episode 127

We're Back - Labor Day 2020


September 7th, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

After taking a couple months off, the guys are back!! Michelle joins the guys on this episode where they catch up on what has been going on since they last talked.

01:32 - Brogan kicks off the conversation discussing what it's like for kids to be attending class this fall using Zoom, Justin talks about pranks kids have pulled in this new learning environment, and Brogan shares what he's been doing with his new business adventure. He talks about him and Scott first coming up with the bottle shop idea, where Cosmic Bottles will be, and shares how listeners can get their hands-on Cosmic Bottles "The Founders Cup". He discusses the challenges he's ran into so far and Justin shifts the conversation to Norwescons' plan for an all virtual convention in 2021.

23:44 - Justin gives props to the GCP listeners on Discord, they talk about what David Thompson with Food is Free has been up to, and how it has inspired other people in the community to join in sharing food in their area. Justin shares that Derek Graziano, another past GCP guest, is going to be on a panel at the upcoming virtual PAX, and Brogan explains how he got his recent injury while paddle boarding. They talk about Puget Sound Pizza opening up in Spanaway by PLU, and explain to Scott what the Black Opal drink is.

44:01 – Brogan explains where the West End in Tacoma is located, they reflect on the adventures they’ve had there, and Michelle shares her first experience at the West End. Justin share’s his favorite West End story, Scott recommends listeners tip their Uber drivers well for all they have to deal with, and Justin talks about his and Michelle’s recent camping trips.

62:04 – Justin shares how great it was to order a new tent from their camp site, Brogan talks about his recent trip to Idaho, and looking into renting an RV. Scott talks about the extra cost he’s found in researching renting vans and RV’s, Brogan talks about staying in Yakima, and closes out this episode talking on how the STIL shop in Boise pairs their ice cream with beer.

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