Episode 130

Gig Harbor Adventures


September 28th, 2020

46 mins 26 secs

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0:02 – The show kicks off talking about high blood pressure and what the numbers mean, Justin encourages listeners to Google GCP, and leave their reviews of the show. He talks about their plans for the Discord Channel, Brogan gives an update on the shop, and their plans to open in December. He talks of his plan to hold seminars in the future, Scott talks about how he found out about the Streetbeefs Scrapyard event they attended Saturday, and Brogan talks about driving by his old stomping grounds in Gig Harbor. Justin reads off the Streetbeefs rules and Scott encourages listeners to watch Streetbeefs Scrapyard on YouTube.

12:19 – Justin continues to review Streetbeefs rules, Brogan shares where they enjoyed breakfast at in Gig Harbor, and what they ordered there. Scott gives The Float props for their biscuits, Brogan talks about what they did after breakfast before fights started, and they discuss the types of fighters that were at the event. They talk about how many fights they saw, Scott explains the setup of the event, and how they were impressed about how nice and respectful the fighters there were.

24:48 – Brogan talks about the others in the event crowd, Scott explains how Streetbeefs got started, and Justin shares the interesting fact on how often people are spotted on camera each week. Justin discusses who from Cameo who they would want on to do an advertisement for GCP, they share the price of various people that are on there, and they talk about Chris Hansen’s recent arrest. Justin offers to send people who donate to their Cameo goal a sticker and they review those cheapest on the site.

35:58 – Justin poses the team with a question for Mark Sargent, they discuss their plans for recording live again soon, and Scott shares the latest Flat Earth theory he’s heard. They encourage listeners to not look at GCP for any news or science, the new “Old Man Injuries” they each have, and the shows each of them have been watching.

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