Episode 131

GCP Hang Out - Safe Streets and Street Beefs


October 5th, 2020

1 hr 9 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, Justin, Scott, and Jeff get together to talk on Streetbeefs Scrapyard, the happs with local businesses around Tacoma, what people are doing for Halloween, and where they have been eating in the PNW.

01:35 – Justin shares why Brogan is not joining them this week, pics Brogan sent over of the van with the painting of a cityscape, and the fun things he has found around Port Townsend. He talks about the Steam Punk Festival in Port Townsend, they talk about their visit to Ocean Shores, and their plans for talking with the Streetbeefs Scrapyard manager next week. They talk about the fights they watched at the most recent Scrapyard event, recommends listeners to join the GCP Discord Channel, and their plans for listeners being able to join them live.

15:26 – Conversation goes to how they’re trying to keep the shows safe while Covid has been ramping up again, Justin shares the new Cider place in Puyallup, and plans for Rusty to do some work on his house to change the garage into a room. He talks about the types of cider available at the new Puyallup shop, his want to be able to safely drink with his friends, and Scott shares the impact drinking has on him as he gets older. Justin gives props to Jeff for the artwork he has been doing for GCP, Scott shares how listeners can get the new Halloween shirts, and Justin talks about his plans to work with Die Cut Stickers again.

30:04 – They talk about how important sharing groups like community gardens, food pantries, and Tool Library are, the importance of planning a garden during the winter, and the ideas Food Is Free gives supporters for growing gardens in the city. Justin shares Safe Street Campaigns upcoming plans, the disparity between the North End and East Side of Tacoma, and Scott talks about how he knows when Pierce County is on Cops. Justin shares his favorite pastime in Tacoma, Scott talks about the great Washington videos on the YouTube channel Real World Police, and Jeff discusses the popular Pasco family videos also on Real World Police.

52:27 – Jeff talks about party planning for his parents 50th anniversary, places he and his wife have been lately to eat, and Justin gives props to Meat Loaf Mondays at Loose Wheel. They talk on their love of breakfast at The Valley, other places around the PNW that are on the top of the list to go for breakfast, and Jeff wishes his son a Happy Birthday. He shares memories of driving when living in Florida, Justin shares what happened when ordering a quad shot there, and what he loved about the state.

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