Episode 133

Garfield Halloween


October 19th, 2020

1 hr 20 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

All the guys sit down to talk on the classic Garfield Halloween Special, their latest adventures, and the listeners join the conversation at the end of the show!

01:28 – Justin thanks listeners for tuning in, gives information on how they can tune in while GCP records, and Brogan talks about his hot dog adventures. He shares that hot dogs are exempt for all forms of food control in Washington State, they ponder on why that is, and the hiccups that have come up in serving food since Convid. Justin suggests types of hot dogs Brogan should make, Brogan mentions that the open date for the bottle shop are still on track for November/December, and Justin shares where he is at with the garage makeover.

20:40 – Justin shares his new love of fixing up his house, they dive into their reviews of the Garfield Halloween Special, and Jeff comments on how watching Garfield that played the classic commercials gave him a chance to reflect on yesteryear. Brogan talks about his old business, Wizards Keep Games, getting broken into, and Jeff gives his analysis of the show. Scott talks about riding a ferry for the first time since living in the PNW, sites of the ride, and they give a shout out to their listener that recently visited the PNW.

42:53 – They talk about good Halloween movies to watch, Jeff shares his favorite Halloween cartoons, and Scott talks about his love of Zombie movies. They pick the movie to watch and review on next weeks show, other things they have been watching on Netflix, and plans to go ax throwing. Jeff talks about ninja star throwing as a kid in the 80’s, Brogan talks about his dad buying ninja stars for him, and Scott shares learning nunchakus in his 30’s. The talk about one of Streetbeefs latest fights, future BBQ plans, and they talk some smack about Justin as he steps away to check his BBQ.

60:00 – Brogan searched for places to float in Renton, reads customers reviews of the newest location there, and dives into the “Old Man’s Problems” hour. The guys try and convince Brogan to float, Justin talks about playing Whirlyball, and they talk about Flatsticks’ plans to open in Tacoma. Brogan talks about the side effects of his blood pressure medicine, Justin suggests he learns Yoga, and they close out this episode opening the conversation up to the Peanut Gallery.

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