Episode 134

Saturday Night Grit


October 26th, 2020

1 hr 32 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

This time the crew sits down for a Saturday night conversation inviting a few of their listeners and friends to join in the fun.

02:15 – Brogan shares his newest fancy hot dog ideas, hot dog ideas that haven't worked out, and the dog that will be named after Scott. He talks about the number of Founder’s Mugs he has left, they toss around other fundraiser ideas for the business, and Brogan shares what he is drinking during the show. Scott talks about the bars in the Seattle SoDo district that have closed since Covid started, suggests listeners to get out and support the favorite local businesses, and Brogan gives his review of his Pumpkin Spice Liquor.

25:44 – Justin shares places he has adventured too recently, Brogan explains what a Black and Tan drink is, and Scott explains how they are made. Justin suggests that they rent the tap room at the Narrows Brewery, how much it would cost, and their friend Derek shares what he has been up to lately. Derek talks about how long it takes him to record each of his podcasts, they reflect on how many hours they have spent recoding GCP, and Derek shares how he got into voice acting. Justin talks about his next steps in finishing his studio, Jeff reflect on the GCP video from the early days, and Derek talks about recording with GCP for the first time at old Malarkeys.

49:56 – Joe talks about working during Covid, the decontamination chamber he has setup between his garage and house because of it, and they talk on the reality behind Covid. Joe talks about the saddening long term effects they are finding from it, the toll it has taken on his writing, and why his readers believe his writing is so realistic. He talks about his next books having to go through pre-publication security review before they are released, Brogan opens the conversation to other live listeners, and Scott gives props to Cowboy’s voice.

76:08 – Brogan talks about his plan to move to Spain 9 years from now, they talk about Jeff’s new t-shirt designs for the Patrons, and Brogan shares what a “Raw-Dog” is. Justin encourages listeners to join the Patreon fans group, they ponder on a drinking game, and Brogan debates whether he should finish his pumpkin drink. They talk about bad drink concoctions, Derek talks about going down a 90’s commercials rabbit hole on You-Tube, and they finish up the conversation talking about getting Clownvis on the show.

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