Episode 137

Clownvis Presley - The HYPE Episode.


November 16th, 2020

35 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

The guys sit down for a quick episode to talk about the bummer news that Clownvis had to re-schedule due to an illness and changes that may be coming down from the Governors announcement the Sunday following their recording.

00:12 – They play a GCP fan talking to Clownvis hyping up his future visit to the show, Justin shares that their conversation with Clownvis that was supposed to happen on this episode had to be postponed, and gives thanks to fans that posed their coaster questions for Clownvis. Justin tells users how they can listen to the show live, they discuss the potential upcoming changes in restrictions from our governor, and the return of customers hoarding of toilet paper at the stores.

09:56 – Justin gives a shoutout to their listener Cowboy, Jeff talks about the research he did on Clownvis, and shares his rule of thumbs around Juggalo’s. Scott shares his newfound love of Clownvis’s songs, Justin talks about being disappointed with Clownvis having to post pone his visit to GCP, and when he started listening to Clownvis’s show.

19:15 – They talk about Clownvis’s pre-Covid plans to play in the PNW with Metalachi, they open up the conversation to their Patreon listeners, and welcome Sophia to her first ever podcast. Billy signs off, Scott welcomes Tacoma Joe, and Justin shares how listeners can support them on Patreon. Scott talks about their upcoming plans on Patreon, Jeff talks about his newest GCP shirt, and coffee mug.

28:47 – Cowboy joins the conversation with his adorable friend that chimes in, Justin reminds listeners about the Pierce County Restaurant Rally, and talk about the Festivus Sandwich from Little Jerries. They reflect on how sucky 2020 has been and close out the show welcoming new listeners to the show.

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