Episode 138

Writer, Director, Artist - Ken Carlson Returns!


November 23rd, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

This week the GCP crew is joined by friend of the show, Ken Carlson. Ken is a PNW writer, director, and producer that likes “telling stories and hopes to one day create some that won’t bore you to death”. He has written and directed Dead Drift, Penny Palabras, and his latest comedy show, Roscoe the Junkyard Cat. Roscoe is now available on Amazon for your viewing pleasure.

02:58 – The crew shares what they’ve been drinking, Brogan promotes Cider & Cedar in Tacoma, and Scott gives props to 1111. Justin talks about their new Discord channel for listeners to give shout outs to places they want to promote, welcomes Ken to the show, and Justin gives an update on why Clownvis didn’t join them last week. They discuss what they’ve been watching on various channels, Jeff poses the first GCP question to Ken, and Ken discusses where he finds inspiration for writing.

16:30 – Jeff and Ken talk on the importance of a good ending to a script, they talk on anthology series movies, and they pose their first coaster question to Ken. Ken speaks on being pretty easy going when producing, his love of having a collaborative relationship with the actors he works with, and Justin talks on his love of the show Dead Drift. Ken talks about the challenges of getting people to watch his show with so many other options out there, Justin expresses his mixed feelings with getting honest reports of listeners, and they chat about the latest news on Tacoma Reddit with the American Tavern.

34:06 – Brogan gives an update on the bottle shop, Justin shares his most recent Tacoma crack head experience, and Scott talks on his search of open bars since the recent shut down of inside eating in Washington. They talk on other ways restaurants have innovated to stay open during this time, Scott gives props to Olivers in Edgewood, and Brogan reminds listeners that there are still some Cosmic Bottles Founders Mugs left. Ken shares his thoughts on if there is going to be future demands for Covid tied movies and the changes that have happened with movie production this year.

47:28 – Brogan unmutes the listeners, Ken talks on trends of movies that come up after cultural events, and his favorite movies from the 80’s. They talk about the chilling reality behind scenes in movies that reflect true happenings in life, actor Christopher Lee’s metal album, and give a shout out to actor Sean Connery. Scott gives his review of the movie Prospect, Ken shares his thoughts of the show Raised by Wolves, and they discuss what they want to watch for the next movie review podcast.

Thanks Ken for catching up with the guys!!!

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