Episode 142

Clownvis Presley


December 14th, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 11 secs

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The king of clowns, Clownvis, is in the house!! The long-awaited conversation has finally happened. Clownvis Presley offers a unique blend of comedy, song, and magic to people across America. He has been cited as being “Better than the real Elvis”. He tours with prominent bands like Insane Clown Posse, Neil Hamburger, Mac Sabbath, Unknown Hinson, Tim Heidecker and more. In addition to performing throughout the US, he has appeared on The Tom Green Show, Sirius XM, Comedy Central, and a variety of FM stations.

Since Covid, he’s had time to get in touch with fans across the country with his show “Clownvis to the Rescue”. The show is live 3 nights a week at the Clownvis YouTube page. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 9pm CT.

02:44 – They kick off the show discussing what they’re drinking, Justin talks about Clownvis’s “Don’t Be a Bitch or you won’t get nothing for Christmas” song, and they give a birthday shout out to the listener Michele. Brogan talks about his hot dog journey, his ventures with vegan dogs, and other new business happenings. Justin talks about the governors ban being extended from December 14th to the beginning on January, and shares why they invited Clownvis on the show.

17:23 – Jeff talks about the latest haunting experiences at his house, Justin shares the gifts he’s been getting from the crows, and gives a shout out to his wife. They welcome Clownvis to the show, he apologizes for being late, and gives himself an introduction to the show. He shares where Clownvis to the Resucue is broadcasted online, talks about when he started live streaming, and the amount of work that goes into putting the show on. He discusses getting his own room at the Clown Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada, they plan a road trip down to explore the Hotel, and Clownvis explains the introduction of Brainina95 on the show.

38:27 – Justin kicks off Coaster Questions, Clownvis shares the most interesting celebrity he’s met, and how he got started in music. He talks about karaoke during his Instagram after parties, gives credit to his friend that has assisted his with his videos over the past 10 years, and talks about fashion designing for the show. He discusses going on the road with other bands and being the MC, who of the clowns he would put on Mt. Rushmore, and shared his JP Patches joke for the PNW listeners.

54:03 – Clownvis talks about working with ICP, doing the gathering of the Juggalos, and the different vibe between a regular show and an ICP show. He discusses being on the national platform America’s Got Talent, the sensational roast he gave, and what his favorite cannabis strain is. The show closes out with Clownvis giving a shout out to the local St. Louis bar, Yaquis, the people that attend his live shows, and says hello to the GCP Russion listeners.

Many thanks to Clownvis for taking time out to join the GCP guys for an awesome conversation!

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