Episode 146

Saturday Night Grit - Johnny's


January 11th, 2021

54 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

This time the GCP guys sit down to converse on Johnny’s at Fife, how their 2021 is going so far, the lady in New York that lost her phone, and much more!

01:50 – Justin shares how listeners can tune into old episodes, they reflect on their New Years Eve recording, and what each of them have been up to this week. Justin gives a shout out to Kwabi, talks about what Kwabi’s been up to with the Peace Bus, and encourages listeners to join the guys on Discord. Brogan shares something he’s recently discovered about himself, they discuss plans for their next t-shirt, and Justin dives into coaster questions.

13:32 – Justin shares the story of Johnny’s at Fife, they each talk about what they’re drinking, and Brogan talks about his newest hot dog creations. Jeff suggests a place Brogan should check out for new hot dog ideas, Scott share’s what his first legal drink was when he turned 21, and Brogan and Jeff reflect on where Brogan’s first legal drink was at. They discuss how they each feel about Cobra Kai, Scott talks about getting caught up with Game of Thrones, and Justin talks about his new adventures with his Apple Watch.

29:10 – Brogan talks about his newest fitness embarkment, Justin talks about getting inspired to work out, and they discuss Streetbeefs Scrapyard’s upcoming plans happening later this month. The talk about Streetbeefs recent improvements to the ring, current Covid vaccine conspiracies, and Jeff talks about the first legal drink his son had in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

40:07 – They discuss SoHo Karen, Jeff talks about how he thinks he’ll be checking out of the game of life, and Justin reflects on his memories of brothels between Reno and Las Vegas. Scott talks about slot machines in various businesses through Nevada, they talk about their recent dental and doctor visits, and Justin share’s Washingtonians favorite chicken fast food place. The show closes down with Brogan talking about Justin’s love language.

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