Episode 147

GCFU: Streetbeefs Scrapyard 2


January 18th, 2021

1 hr 25 mins 55 secs

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Steve “Firechicken“ Hagara, founder of Streetbeefs Scrapyard, joins the guys for a second time to catch them up on what he’s been doing and upcoming matches. Streetbeefs Scrapyard is the Pacific Northwest backyard fight organization located in Gig Harbor. It’s a branch of the largest backyard fight group in the USA, Streetbeefs, created in 2008. Steve brought Streetbeefs concept “Guns Down, Gloves up!” to the PNW in 2020. To hear more conversation with Steve, tune into episode 132.

01:39 – Brogan expresses his frustration of the day, Steve shares what he’s been up to since he last visited with them, and answers the question around AstroTurf as the ring flooring. He explains the different types of AstroTurf that’s out there, the benefits of using it, and the things that have changed over the past couple months. He shares when the next event will be coming up, the number of fights that will be happening, and the professional camera crew that has joined his team.

22:03 – Firechicken talks about being into weightlifting at the beginning of his fighting career, the limitations to having an extensive amount of muscle when fighting, and Scott expresses the want to have Pookie on the podcast. Firechicken tells the back story behind Streetbeefs, how he got involved with them, and Scott expresses his appreciation for being able to watch Streetbeefs and Streetbeefs Scrapyard grow over time. Firechicken discusses where he would like to take the club, the importance of giving fighters time to share “who they are” before their fight, and the benefit of video’s like Concrete Breakdowns.

46:04 – Steve talks about the risk behind the fight, matching up beginner fighters with other first-time fighters, and how humbling fighting can be for the involved. He talks about the amount of thought that goes into matching fighters up, the GCP guys thank him for stopping by, and the plans for bubble suits so they can finally meet in person. Justin talks about Brogan and him taking Tiquando as kids, they continue their conversation from the last episode on Cobra Kia, and Justin talks about his recent visit to It’s Greek to Me in Tacoma.

63:45 – Scott talks about the grilled cheese sandwiches he gets from Burbs Burgers in Seattle, Justin gives a shout out to Tacoma Tool Library from their friend Derek, and his next home project. Scott talks about shutting off his Facebook, how that’s impacted him, and Justin talks about bustin out the good old Game Boy. He shares his plans to eventually get a stand-up arcade game, Scott talks about how he mises hanging out with the guys, and the show closes down with them opening the conversation up to the listeners.

Thanks Steve for taking the time to stop in and update the GCP guys on what’s been going on with Streetbeefs Scrapyard!

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