Episode 148

Saturday Night Grit - Paranormal Talk


January 25th, 2021

1 hr 4 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

On this Saturday Night Grit episode, the conversation spans a wide range of topics from Oklahoma’s Big Foot bill, The Stakeout, to the haps in Tacoma.

00:05 – Show kicks off with conversation around the variety of wild game meat each have tried, Justin talks about the recent news on Oklahoma’s new Big Foot bill, and Scott brings up the Missing 411 Documentary. They plan their next road trip, Jeff poses a question out to the Oklahoma listeners, and Justin ponders on how much he would pay for a Big foot tag. Justin talks about the Tonopah Clown Motel, they look up where Tonopah is located, and Justin talks about his first road trip to Vegas.

16:50 – Scott reflects on his past road trips to New Orleans, they plan their route to Tonopah, and discuss ides of perks they can offer their Patreon subscribers. Justin talks about Jeff’s new t-shirt designs, they give their reviews of the recent vampire hunter movie they all watched, Stakeout, and plan for a watch party with the director.

31:43 – Brogan talks about time killing things he’s done during Covid, Justin talks about Tacoma’s plans to renovate Owen beach, and the Five Mile Drive being the most haunted road in Tacoma. Scott shares the story of the guy that injected mushrooms in his own blood, Justin invites their friend Ken onto the podcast, and Brogan talks about his recent beer. Scott talks about the recent mead beer he’s tried, they talk about the different hash strains they enjoy, and Brogan gives an update on Cosmic Bottles.

48:52 – Justin shares his new show segment, they talk about the Light Rail extension progress in Tacoma, and places around the area they’ve been eating at. Brogan and Justin reflect on the Magic Tournaments they attended back in the day, Justin talks about other nerd things they have done, and Brogan wishes that he still had the Bitcoins he purchased back in the day. They close out the show talking about where Emilio Estevez has been up to and Clownvis Presley robot wrestling on his show.

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