Episode 149

The Hutch Returns


February 1st, 2021

1 hr 12 mins 19 secs

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Chase Hutchinson, reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune, contributor at The Stanger, and a member of the Washington News Guild, joins the guys for another great conversation on news in the PNW. Chase was also on episode 135 of the GCP podcast.

02:16 – Justin reflects on their recording the night before for GCP’s Patrons, what brought them to hangover Sunday, and other things GCP offers their patrons. Chase talks about what he’s been doing with the Stranger, what has stood out to him so far during Sun Dance Weekend, and gives praise to those that put together the virtual experience of the festival this year. They talk about King County entering Phase 2, Chase share’s how long he’s been with the Tribune, and some of the local stories that have interested him during 2020.

18:31 – Chase talks about covering the recent incidents that have happened in Tacoma that has hit national news, gives a shout out to those involved with him on the story, and Justin talks about key things that he’s been paying attention to in local media. Scott mentions the difference between the national and local news coverage of the event, Chase talks about an issue he had while capturing what was going on, and the general feel he got from the people present at the protest.

36:02 – Jeff talks about how much watching movies with a VR headset has changed his movie experience, screen parties that are available, and Justin gives his review of watching movies in 4DX. Each reflect on movies they’ve watched where the theater added to their experience, Justin talks on his plans to rent out The Weird Elephant, and his favorite theater experience.

55:46 – Justin gives his review on the locally made movie The Stakeout, reflects on living in Roy, and shares with listeners where they can find Chase online. He gives an update from a past guest Steven on ZEVA Aero, Scott talks about the grant Zeva was awarded, and Justin gives another shout out to Ken Carlson and his Kick Starter account for his Hellbound Slant 6 comic book.

Thanks Chase for an update on the haps around Tacoma!

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