Episode 156

Saturday Night Grit - Brogan's Bathroom Troubles


March 15th, 2021

1 hr 3 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

They sit down for another GCP Saturday Night Grit and talk sandwiches, Phase 3, the recent break in at one of the major Tacoma Food Banks, and much more.

02:12 – The show kicks off conversing about Brogan’s pain and suffering from the tacos he enjoyed the night before, shares when Cosmic Bottles will be opening, and they break into sandwich chat 2.0. Justin gives his review of his Reuben Pizza, Brogan shares what his favorite sandwich is, and Scott chimes in with his as well. They discuss why the price at Jack In The Box has jumped, Scott talks about his favorite local fermenting place, and Jeff share’s info on his signature brine.

15:55 – Jeff talks about his first experience watching VR porn, they celebrate Pierce County going to Phase 3 starting March 22nd, and Justin shares what Phase 3 means for sports fans. Scott suggests they rent a movie theater soon, they talk about what’s coming up soon for the Patrons, and they discuss their $1 Patreon tier. They talk about what listeners have done with GCP art, the bad impressions they’ve made on Jeff, and discuss the recent break in at the Tacoma Food Bank.

31:20 – They talk about the different business opportunities that have come from Covid, Justin talks about places that have closed because of it, and Brogan changes up his sandwich choice. Jeff talks about the great Pho places in Seattle, they reflect on their bummer birthdays of 2020, and Scott share’s the great breakfast pizza he had earlier.

46:24 – Justin talks about the squares on the Tacompton Files Bingo game, Jeff talks about what’s shared on the Next Door Neighbor app in his area, and what the mating call is of the PNW pot smokers. They talk about where they’ve been lately other than work, Scott talks about places he’s ate out at lately, and encourages Justin to French Toast his pizza leftovers. Justin finishes out the episode sharing the GCP benefits Patreon subscribers get for supporting the podcast and they plan the next Boot To Boot.

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