Episode 155

Saturday Night Grit - Sandwich Talk


March 8th, 2021

1 hr 4 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

This time Jeff, Justin, and Scott talk on travel, new brewery’s opening, and their favorite sandwich.

00:18 – Show kicks off with conversation about Justin’s home defense system, Justin gives an update on where Brogan is at with Cosmic Bottles, and talks about the first time he went to Denver. They make plans to go camping, Scott talks about his favorite things to do when camping, and Jeff gives travel trips for those going to Florida. Justin reflects on his trip to Orlando, Jeff talks about the Salvador Dali Museum, and the types of art that is there.

15:01 – Justin gives a shout out to Mary Mart, Scott shares that Dunagan’s Irish Pub and Brewery is opening in Gig Harbor this spring, and they feature a Pickle Review by Scott. They make plans for doing a hot dog blog, Justin talks about his hate as a child of sauerkraut, and his love for Ruben. Jeff expresses his love for the club sandwich, Justin shares what is essential on a Ruben sandwich, and where he’s had the best Ruben.

30:47 – Jeff talks about what to him makes a good club sandwich, the best place to get a Grilled Cheese sandwich, and explains what Wizard Con is. They talk about looking through comic book price guides back in the day, Jeff talks about winning a writers contest when he wrote a script for a comic book. Justin reflects on going to the art institute for a year, Scott talks about what he has been drinking lately, and they reflect on the crazy 2020 year.

44:53 – Jeff shares how The Union Club has recently updated, they talk about Covid vaccines, and Justin officially makes Lemmy GCP’s pet. Scott talks about the recent amazing sandwich he had at 2 Doors Down in Seattle, the restaurant’s great beers to go, and how he appreciates having a beer before taking the train home. He talks about how enjoys finding great places to eat, Justin suggests a new GCP advertisement, and they close the show out talking about what they have going on in the upcoming weeks.

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