Episode 158

Buddy Boy Farm


March 29th, 2021

53 mins 33 secs

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This episode was another great one that they were lucky enough to be able to record in person!! They were joined by DJ, Co-Owner, and Galadriel, General Manager, of Buddy Boy Farm. Buddy Boy Farm, located in Eastern Washington, got started in 2013 producing cannabis. The owners of the farm have 40 years of certified organic farming under their belt and use the most natural & organic methods of growing their numerous strains. Their growmasters constantly work toward nourishing & creating the cleanest, finest buds on the planet for their customers. To find out more about where to find Buddy Boy products at a retailer near you, information on touring the farm, or just want to stop by and say hi, check out their website: https://buddyboyfarm.com/.

00:21 – The show kicks off discussing when to use the term “Over” to indicate the end of a conversation, the opening of Brogan’s shop, and GCP’s new offer for Patriots. DJ discusses when Bunny Boy Farms got into the cannabis game, they talk about the different laws tied to growing, Galadriel shares what they produce, and where the business is located. DJ talks about when they got their license, the facilities that they’ve built so far, and how having the background in farming played a key role in the success of Buddy Boy.
13:15 – Jeff talks about using cannabis for the first time, their first trip to Mary Mart, and Galadriel talks about her mind shift in perspective on marijuana after doing marketing for the company. Justin reflects on the episode they had with Jeffs mom and the discussion of marijuana, Galadriel talks about how each of the stores they sell to are different, and the benefit of her and DJ going together to market their products to retail stores. She talks about the value of having amazing people that help out on the farm and where people can find retailers that sell their product.

26:54 – Justin talks about the comeback of vinyl records, Scott and Justin talk about their summer trip plans, and Galadriel and DJ discuss the types of strains The Buddy Boy offers. Jeff shares Clownvis with the guests, Galadriel talks about their preferred CBD for backpain, and the hurdle it is to break in to selling lotions. Jeff talks about the benefits he finds with using cannabis, Galadriel talks about the benefits it has on anxiety, and Justin talks about the help doing the podcast has on his own anxiety.

40:24 – Jeff shares the Friday Night Bowl, Justin talks about the listener love their last episode was getting, and thanks Galadriel and DJ for joining them to talk about their businesses. They talk about the challenges with delivering to places close to the state border, Justin reflects on when he was in Camden, NJ, and Galadriel invites the guys to visit them in July for a tour in addition to enjoying their blueberry wine.

Thanks Galadriel and DJ for the great conversation on information on Buddy Boy Farm. Looking forward to the next time you’re on!

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