Episode 160

Sunday Morning Bit Ideas


April 12th, 2021

48 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

This week Scott, Jeff, Justin get together to try out new bits, discuss new happening places coming to Tacoma, and recent news in Tacoma.

00:31 – Scott and Jeff give props to Justin for his intro bit, Jeff talks about his road trip to visit family, and the Jager bombs he’s been enjoying while there. Justin dives into the podcast’s latest bit “Is It Tacoma”, he reads off three headlines, and Scott and Jeff discuss which of the articles are from the area. Scott and Jeff make their first guess and Justin shares which of the headlines is actually from Tacoma.

11:15 – They talk about where the new business Jack + Adeline are opening in Tacoma, Jeff expresses his appreciation of the new bit, and Justin talks about the Tacoma community coming together to save Bob’s Java Jives. Jeff talks about what makes the tea pot special, reflects on how the tea pot was a necessity back in the 50’s and 60’s, and Justin talks about Washington rules around what marijuana stores are allowed to do for advertising. Scott talks about other states that have legalized cannabis and Justin shares a recent article he found in Tacoma News Tribune on a recent marijuana DUI and what the guy had in his possession.

23:15 – Jeff talks on a Smokey and Bandit reboot “Stoney and The Bandit”, Justin shares his new bit idea “Scott Topics”, and Scott talks about recent physics findings. Jeff talks about a recent YouTube video he watched on shankings in prison and Scott explains a recent article he read where the author philosophically proves we’re in a simulation.

35:05 – They discuss if they won the lottery what they would take: the lump sum or an annuity, the fun of pull tabs, and Justin expresses how Scott is the gifted one when it comes to gambling. Jeff talks about how his mom is the “Slot Machine Whisperer”, Scott talks about the biggest jackpot he ever paid while working in gaming, and they close out the episode talking about another GCP great bit covering “Tacompton Files”.

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