Episode 173

Saturday Night Grit


June 28th, 2021

1 hr 18 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Justin, and Scott sit down for a Saturday Night Grit to talk about a variety of things including: Juggalo’s, Mac Sabbath, and amazing food in Tacoma.

01:50 – Justin kicks off this episode talking about Cosmic Bottles crawfish broil that’s coming up, they each discuss their feelings on crawfish, and Jeff talks about a guy eating an iguana. Justin talks about catching up with Billy, the great Tacompton group on Facebook, and the drive through metal band Mac Sabbath. Jeff shares his frustration with certain members of the Juggalo crowd, Justin talks about the Juggalo culture, and claims the GCP team officially Juggalo’s.

21:51 – Jeff talks about places ICP’s played at in Seattle, Justin talks about Studio Seven in Seattle going out of business, and Justin and Scott talk about their plan to visit the clown motel in Tonopah, Nevada. Jeff talks about making a custom Mac Sabbath Ouija board, Scott talks about Mini Oscars Annex, and they talk about new restaurants coming to Tacoma. Justin talks about his last melting pot experience, being saved by Robo Brogan, and they dive into Jeffscapades.

39:26 – They discuss finger loss when using a table saw, Jeff talks about the “smart” table saws, and Justin invites the guys out to the Washington State Fair. They talk about traffic coming back, Scott talks about his adventures on the train, and getting his classic truck started. Justin talks about other local places opening up, gives props to the favorite places that have closed, and his recent trip to Frugals Burgers.

59:08 – Justin recaps the three articles for the Is It Tacoma game, Jeff and Scott guess which article is from Tacoma, and Justin shares what cities the other stories are from. They talk about peoples tipping points, public freak-outs, and Justin talks about recommendations for a bucket list for those leaving Tacoma. They discuss post Covid B&I, Jeff shares that 90% of the US donut shops in America are owned by Cambodians, and they close out the podcast talking about donut burgers.

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