Episode 174

Saturday Night Grit - The Salty Show


July 5th, 2021

1 hr 17 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

The whole gang sits down to talk about the haps at Cosmic Bottles, 4th of July plans, and UFOs.

00:15 – Brogan talks about the drinks he’s bringing to the 4th of July celebration, Justin shares where listeners can find them online. Jeff tries out his new greeting, they talk about the high temperatures at each other’s house, and their trip next month to visit The Buddy Boy Farm. Brogan talks about the cute puppy adoption that will be going on at Cosmic Bottles, Jeff talks about the brewery in Seattle that has a dog park and Brogan talks about the recent fire at Cosmic Bottles.

17:53 – Scott talks about his recent vacation, the different car types cursing around Reno, and the karaoke fun he had. Justin talks about the variety of items that will be at the party, he talks about his love of vampires, and Scott talks about the beer he’s enjoying. Scott talks about trying out axe throwing, encourages the guys to go, and explains how it works. Justin talks about the new escape room on Rustin, Brogan debates if he should set up axe throwing at his shop, and Jeff expresses his want of a splatter room.

38:36 – Brogan celebrates Costco being able to again serve samples to customers, Brogan talks about things coming back and expresses his concern with the guys not joining them at the bar. He talks about the GCP banner hanging at the shop, Justin shares with Brogan the new shop that opened in place of Malarkey’s and expresses his want to support them. Justin reflects on his visits to Malarkey’s, their plans for future recordings at the Union Club, and Brogan talks about his recent interaction with a real mans-man.

57:52 – Justin shares what he has learned on UFOs, Scott explains what UAP means, and Brogan suggests that they go on a Grit City Suspect Adventure. Brogan roasts Caesar, Caesar shares what he’s been up to, and Al talks about the temperature where he’s at in Eastern Washington. Justin talks about checking out the sauna at Urban Float in Tacoma, they jump into Jeffscapades, and Scott talks about how much can be accomplished with a buzz. Justin offers his house as a safe place when the apocalypse arrives, and Scott envisions Justin’s future apocalyptic character.

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