Episode 178

GCP Road Trip - Part 1 - Live at Buddy Boy Farm


August 2nd, 2021

1 hr 40 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, Scott and Justin get the opportunity to join Galadriel, DJ, and their amazing team for a tour of Buddy Boy Farms!!! The owners of the farm have 40 years of certified organic farming under their belt and use the most natural & organic methods of growing their numerous strains. Their growmasters constantly work toward nourishing & creating the cleanest, finest buds on the planet for their customers. To find out more about where to find Buddy Boy products at a retailer near you, information on touring the farm, or just want to stop by and say hi, check out their website: https://buddyboyfarm.com/.

02:05 - Justin talks about why they chose to visit the farm in July, their first night in Spokane, and Scott talks about the stop in Covington to visit Brogan. Justin talks about the wildfires in Oregon and Washington, his and Michell’s experience at the Safeway in Spokane, and his past visits there. They talk about experiencing the college nightlife their first night in Spokane and the 90’s fashion that was going on.

25:57 - Scott talks about the Netflix show Z Nation being recorded in Spokane, Justin introduces Galadriel, and Galadriel introduces Nick. Nick talks about where he’s originally from, Galadriel takes the guys to the cannabis starts, and the lady bugs that they bring in every week. She talks about how the lady bugs are caught in the wild, explains that they’re working to becoming an organic form for cannabis, and Nick talks about them trying to consolidate the different data points that they use.

52:04 - Nick explains that they sell products to other producers, they head over to Buddy Boy 2, and Galadriel talks about the different teams they have setup. Justin talks about the rattle snake season signs, Nick talks about having to record the cannabis waste, and Galadriel talks about the design of their green house. Justin talks about the magnitude of the buildings, Galadriel talks about the number of people they employ, and the different strains that they have.

75:02 - Galadriel shares how the green houses in the new building are all connected, Nick talks about they new building being automated, and they talk about how much math is used in the process. Galadriel talks about the comfort she found in her dads green house as a kid, the amazing teams they have, and the head grower talks about how he got started with Buddy Boy Farms. He talks about the stress around growing, Galadriel shows them the mother plants, and explains what “mother plant” means.

Many many thanks to Galadriel for taking us on am amazing tour of Buddy Boy Farm! We look forward to getting to catch up with you soon!!!!

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  • Buddy Boy Farm — Buddy Boy has been farming organically for over 40 years, and he’s grown thousands of organic acres using age-old natural methods along with a few modern twists that would make your grandpa smile!
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