Episode 179

GCP Road Trip - Part 2 - Spokane Recap


August 9th, 2021

1 hr 20 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

This time Scott and Justin reflect on the second part of their trip to Spokane.

01:11 - Justin explains Jeff being on a road trip and what he did while hanging with one of the GCP fans. He shares how people can listen to GCP live, talks about their experience at Buddy Boy Farms in Spokane, and they talk about how it felt like a con weekend. Justin talks about taking Lime scooters to Dry Fry Distillery, Scott talks about the challenge to get a scooter later in the night and how beautiful the river through Spokane was. Justin shares the difficulty of using the map on his phone while on the scooter, using his intuition to get to the distillery instead of listing to the cop, and they talk about the Spokane “Bro-muda Triangle” downtown.

20:23 - Justin talks about the Smurf Bombs they enjoyed at 24 Taps, the Yardstick drink they enjoyed at Fast Eddies, and the roving gangs of college kids they ran into. They talk about experiencing the river walk on Saturday, Scott’s quest for a lighter, and the cool Garbage-Eating Goat. Justin talks about the various scooters they saw in the water, their visit to the Martini Bar, and the food they enjoyed there. He talks about the drinks they enjoyed there, their visit to the Ben & Jerry's store, and Scott talks about the red zones for the scooters.

40:35 – Justin talks about them adventuring east on the Spokane trail, going to Gonzaga University on the scooters/bike, and Brogan jumps in on the conversation. Justin talks about the drag show the ladies went to, their visit to Clinkerdagger, and him and Scott watching a singer at the hotel while hotboxing at the bridge. He talks about him and Scott then finding scooters, their quest to Gamers Arcade Bar, and how they headed out as the Grit City Podcast Street Teamers.

60:00 – Justin shares the great songs he played on Touch Tunes while at the Arcade Bar, the punching bag at the arcade, and the “bro-doods” impressing their chicks on it. He shares his appreciation for Pop A Shot, Scott talks about when he blacked out, and Justin talks about the motivational speeches he gave while there. Finally, Justin talks about his mistakes in consuming alcohol and closes out giving a shout-out to Buddy Boy Farms and Spokane.

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