Episode 18

Music Documentarian Isaac Olsen


June 4th, 2018

52 mins 55 secs

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This week the guys sit down with Isaac Olsen, a local writer, director, and producer from Tacoma. His movies include Ich Hunger, Quiet Shoes, Semi Iconic and Strictly Sacred, The Story of Girl Trouble.

Justin kicks off this episode chatting about his irate neighbor that he had to call the cops on. Conversation then goes to how Isaac got started in filmmaking and his latest documentaries, Semi Iconic and Strictly Sacred, The Story of Girl Trouble. He talks about recording films outside of Tacoma, growing up in the South Tacoma area and the magical feeling of it’s quiet downtown on Sundays.

15:28 – Isaac tells the guys what it was like working with Dick Rossetti to make the movie Semi Iconic, the variety of bands Dick’s been in throughout the years, and Isaac’s thoughts on the correlation between Dick and Frank Zappa. He explains diving into Dick’s tape collection from when he was a DJ on The End and Dick’s love/hate relationship with being a DJ.

30:03 – In discussion of Dick’s early DJ days around age 10, Justin comments on the importance of people staying true to themselves, especially in the PNW area which has such a strong combative individuality with it’s people. Isaac talks about the recent showings of the movie in Seattle, Portland, and at The Grand in Tacoma and then dives into discussion of Strictly Sacred, The Story of Girl Trouble. He talks about taking a snapshot into the life of the band, what it was like growing up around them and the bands dedication to their family.

45:00 – Isaac tells the guys where people can find them online, Jeff explains how he discovered Girl Trouble which led to the guys having Issac on the show and the plans to have the band on the podcast. Issac also tells the guys about his upcoming plans and working with the Peterson brothers from Tacoma. The guys express their love for watching bands at The Valley and the weird world of the PNW

Big thank you to Isaac for joining the guys for a look into what it’s like making documentaries in the area. We look forward to catching up with you again soon!

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  • Girl Trouble on Bandcamp — Garage rock from Tacoma/Spokane, WA. Formed in 1983, Kurt, Bon, Kahuna and Dale crashed into the music scene with their plywood speaker cabinets and a drum set purchased for $70 from the Sears surplus store in a shed beside Bon and Kahuna's parent's house, where they still practice today.
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