Episode 187

GCP Hangout: The Dabcast


October 4th, 2021

1 hr 58 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode the guys get together to break in The Studio with a Dabcast. They talk news, Tarot card readings, pickles, and much, much more!

00:00 – Brogan kicks the podcast off with some Dad Jokes, Justin announces their inaugural podcast from the completed studio, and they give a review of Buddy Boy Farms. Scott gives props to Buddy Boy’s DJ Kush, Justin breaks down the show's plans, and Justin gives props to Tacompton Files for the new listeners. Scott expresses his love of the new establishment, they discuss new ways of making GCP money, and Justin talks about GCP’s latest unique T-Shirts and rework of their merch store.

29:20 – Scott guesses which article is from Tacoma, Justin talks about the new bikini coffee shop, and announces the Tacoma news story. He talks about where the other articles are from, Scott gives props to Spokane, and they dive into Jeff doing the Tarot card readings. Jeff talks about how he got into reading Tarot cards, what cards he’s gotten the best results from, and the different ways of blessing the cards. He expresses why sacrifices don’t work, explains how the Sock Monkey is the WCK cult leader, and the importance of having sacred spaces.

63:06 – They tune into Jim Cada video’s on YouTube, Justin picks his fortune cards, and Jeff reveals Justin’s past, present, and future readings. Justin and Brogan talk about their Power Ball pact, Scott talks about his retirement number, and Justin shares when he purchases lotto tickets. Brogan share’s his number, Jeff explains how he came up with his, and Justin talks about why he hates the smell of patchouli. Justin dives into another Is It Tacoma, each give their guess on which article is from Tacoma, and Justin reveals which article it is.

93:07 – They talk about how the Kraken and Mariners are doing, Justin shares the weird beers they’re trying, and Brogan talks about other beers he brought for the guys. Their lisener Al volunteers for a reading, Brogan fingers through the cards for Al, and Jeff reads Al his fortune. Justin moves on to Scott’s pickle chat, Scott shares where the pickles are from, and Brogan expresses his love of the pickles. Justin gives his review of them, Brogan reflects on spilling milk as a kid, and Justin opens up Ask Us Anything to the listeners.

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