Episode 186

Saturday Night Grit with Tacompton Files


September 27th, 2021

1 hr 42 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

On this Saturday Night Grit, Brandon from Tacompton Files joins the conversation. They talk about what Brandon's been up to, 3D printing, Discord, and much, much more! Brandon also joined the guys in episode 176.

01:34 – Robo Brogan kicks off this episode, Scott talks about the increase of people on the train lately, and Justin talks about his love of Port Townsend. He talks about Jeff leaving GCP postcards around Port Townsend during his visit, Brandon shares what put the pause on Tacompton Files on Facebook and adding a Tacompton Files channel on Discord. He talks about how long he's out, Justin talks about the golf cart pursuit news story, and Scott talks about getting thrown off golf courses when he was younger.

25:08 – Scott talks about how easy it is to get ideas for 3D printing, Justin talks about his love for Let It Snow Tacoma, and they dive into Scott topics. Justin explains the details of the incident where Eddie Van Halen allegedly pulled a gun on Fred Durst, they ponder on the ease of buying a tank, and Justin shares the Mad Max Fury cars. He ranks where he would put Mad Max: Fury Road in the list of the Mad Max movies and Brandon suggests the next film for GCP to review.

51:58 – Justin jumps into 'Is It Tacoma', reviews the game's rules, and reads the headlines. Scott and Brandon guess which article is from Tacoma, Brandon talks about the different codes Tacoma Police use over the radio, and they discuss the latest homeless encampment shooting. Brandon shares his love of Jack Cameron's Tacoma Stories, how Jack puts a personal aspect on homicides in the area, Justin shares where the other articles are from, and dives into coaster questions.

78:49 – Brandon talks about the benefit of stringers that provide news stories to the media, each of them shares what they're drinking, and Justin talks about watching the Seahawks game last week at Cosmic Bottles. Brandon and Justin share the unique Oreo flavors on the market, Brandon gives his review of Impossible Burgers, and Scott talks about plans for GCP to do a charter boat rental next summer. Scott invites Brandon to join them in watching a Clownvis show, Brandon talks about the recent naked guy in Tacoma, and Justin expresses his love of the beach in Hawaii.

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