Episode 189

Tacoma's Proof Patisserie and Cafe


October 11th, 2021

1 hr 10 mins 50 secs

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Chef Marie Price, owner of Proof Patisserie and Café in Tacoma, sits down with the GCP guys for this episode. Proof Patisserie was built from a vision of being an inviting, safe place for people where they were not manipulated, threatened, or disrespected. Proof Café strives to create and grow a safe space for the Hilltop community to thrive in. The café opens its doors for all in need of a refreshing space to work, create, and relax. They sell pies, breads and rolls, pastries, coffee, candles, and holiday goodies. The business is located at 1314 Martin Luther King Jr Way and are open 7 days a week. You can order online for pickup, delivery, or have items shipped to you.

01:51 – Justin introduces Marie, Marie shares what she sells, and what the word Patisserie means. She explains the sleeves she provides with her bread and talks about getting started with baking when she was 9. She shares starting her own baking company at the age of 13, Justin talks about buying his first drum set, and Marie reflects on falling in love with baking. Scott talks about having a paper route as a kid, Marie talks about her first official introduction into running a bakery business, and the wide variety of careers within the food industry. She talks about shadowing Wolfgang Puck’s Executive chef as well as getting career guidance from Wolfgang Puck.

18:05 – Marie talks about loving baking 100 times more today than when she got started, her partner that managed the businesses brand creation, and they jump into Coaster Questions. Jeff throws out the first question, Marie talks about her favorite piece of equipment for baking, and if convection ovens make food baked in them dry. She talks about the difference between working with gluten-free flour and regular flour, Scott shares what he’s drinking, and Marie explains the items each of the guys are trying.

38:00 - Marie explains what the edible butterfly is made of, where her business is located, and her involvement with Tacoma Baking Company. She talks about how the Sound Transit construction is affecting small businesses in the Tacoma area, Mr. Mac getting broken into because of the construction that’s happening, and the importance of brining an economy back into low-income areas of a city. Justin shares what gentrification means to him and Marie talks about her love to make people’s lives better with pastries.

54:41 – Justin encourages people to visit Quickie Too in Tacoma, Marie talks about what of her bagels are vegan, and how they make their own cream cheeses. Jeff asks if she dabbles in using THC in her food, Marie talks about the benefits of using THC, and Justin talks about Billy’s nuclear grade heart shaped brownie. Scott talks about Vancouver decriminalizing illicit drugs, Justin talks about Denver and Seattle de-criminalizing mushrooms, and Marie talks about the benefits of micro-dosing. She shares what is her best cookie, their smoke infuser, and what she recommends for parings.

Thanks Marie for joining the podcast to share your story! Looking forward to having you back on soon!

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