Episode 190

Sidewalk Rescue - Helping Tacoma's Homeless


October 18th, 2021

1 hr 9 mins 42 secs

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Rodney Richardson, the Founder/CEO/Janitor of Sidewalk Rescue, joins GCP guys for this episode. The purpose of Sidewalk Rescue is to go directly to the streets to share water, food, faith, and meet basic needs of those struggling with chronic homelessness. In addition, they strive to meet individuals face to face and create lasting relationships with those who have lost hope in society.

00:19 – Scott gives props to his favorite BBQ restaurant in Puyallup, Rodney shares who he brought with him, and talks about how the ministry got started. He talks about his first outreach visit, becoming homeless at 13, and the importance of the group to bring love to those on the streets. He talks about the medical and dental problems people on the street face, Sarah shares a story of one of the women on the streets she worked with, and Nancy talks about how she got connected with Rodney.

17:58 – Harrison gives the mechanics of Sidewalk Rescue, the donations they receive from businesses around town, and the culture shock it was going out with Rodney for the first time. He talks about some of the people they’ve been able to help, his struggle with addiction, and the importance of having compassion for everyone. Rodney gives props to the company that donates jerky, how Sidewalk Rescue is now helping other rescue companies in the area, and the different things they provide in their give bags.

35:40 – Rodney expresses the need for hand warmers and other things as we are heading into winter, Justin talks about how their past guest David Thompson has also experienced the beauty of large donations from companies in the area, Rodney talks about how he decides who of those on the street to give money to, and reminds people to show respect to those on the street without judgment. Harrison talks about volunteering with a company that builds tiny houses, how heartbreaking it is to see kids on the street, and Rodney talks about his want to change people's minds about the homeless.

52:35 – Harrison talks about helping people with practical answers, Scott talks about other people they’ve had on that give to the community, and Rodney talks about learning how to treat people on a more humane level while working at Good Will. Justin talks about growing up in Tacoma, Harrison talks about Rodney’s remarkable ability to find people to help, and Sarah talks about how inspiring it is to watch him speak to the people on the street. Rodney shares how rewarding it is to help someone out of homelessness, the need to grow the number of people involved in the community, and Jeff closes out the episode with Coaster Questions.

Thanks Rodney and your team, for an inspiring conversation and your fantastic help in the community!

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