Episode 204

GCP: Hangout - Sunday Hangover


January 24th, 2022

1 hr 20 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Justin and Scott hold down this episode talking about a wide variety of topics including Beverly Hills, Magic, Peacemaker, and The Ventures.

00:17 – Robo Brogan kicks off the podcast, Scott talks about Beverly Hills Nevada, and they talk about the peaks of Covid and it being on the downturn. They God bless their wives, discuss the idea of doing a GCP wives podcast, and Scott expresses his love for the F-You Clyde. Justin reflects on playing Magic back in the day with Brogan, how he expresses his frustration at video games, and having friends over to their house to enjoy food from Southern Kitchen.

21:10 – Justin shares his love of Hush Puppies, Scott talks about getting into Magic as a kid, and Justin talks about Scott being a closet nerd. Scott talks about volunteering for NorwesCon, what drove him to do the podcast in Tacoma, and Justin talks about the deal the Tacoma Performing Arts Center had with Tacoma. Justin jumps into Scott Topics, Scott talks about the giant snake on Reddit, and shares the story of a farmer putting VR headsets on his cows to help with lowering the cows stress level.

40:01 – Justin expresses his love of the cyber punk future, they discuss the reality of having to worry about loosing electricity, and the impact that would have on people. Scott talks about his excitement for self-driving cars, Justin talks about what the Computer Museum in Seattle became, and Scott shares his review of the most recent Matrix. He talks about binge watching Peace Maker on HBO, Justin explains the show, and the history behind the character.

61:17 – They talk about the different levels of mental illness, how crazy occurrences happen anywhere, and Scott reminds us we live in one of the safest times throughout history. Scott talks about his recent visit to the haunted hotel in Port Townsend, plans for them to go back as a group, and they wrap it up with Justin sharing that Don Wilson co-founder and rhythm guitarist of The Ventures passed away at the age of 88.

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