Episode 205

Grit City Radio


January 31st, 2022

55 mins 43 secs

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Will Sowder from Saint Hussy rejoins GCP to talk about Grit City Radio and what he's been doing since he joined them on episode 183. Saint Hussy is a local Tacoma band that has been playing across the PNW for over 30 years. The band blends Post-Punk, New Wave, and Glam to create something new…yet familiar. Grit City Radio broadcasts independent music from Seattle and Tacoma. In addition to working to support independent music in the area, they also support up-and-coming PNW artists by providing scholarships to youth looking to attend events like School of Rock in Seattle.

02:23 – Will talks about what he's been up to, explains the type of band Saint Hussy is, and his latest record hit. Brogan talks about the beer he brought to share with the guys, the aluminum shortage, and Jeff share's what his week has been like. He talks about his car problems, the conversation he had with the salesperson he bought the car from, and Justin talks about his recent interaction with AAA.

15:00 – Will shares what he's been up to with Grit City Radio, how they've been helping bands in Tacoma, and the type of response he's seen as a result. He talks about promoting on Reddit, how people can get their band on the calendar, and the music scene in Tacoma. He encourages people that want to know what's going on in the area to check out the calendar, how they advertise to places in the area, and suggest listeners encourage other venues to play local bands.

28:13 – Will talks about talking working to put together a weekend festival in Tacoma, Justin talks about the shows that used to be at the Stonegate Bar, and the great venues Chilkoot Charlie's in Ankeridge put together. They talk about the fantastic view at the Union Club, Justin talks about the history behind the building, and the remodeling they've been doing there. They discuss if we're in the best or worst timeline, Jeff shares his idea of marketing local punk bands in Yakima back in the day, and Scott talks about buying CD's from artists off the street.

41:32 – Jeff reads off coaster questions, Will talks about how a local band can advertise, and explains that Spotify Numbers count. He talks about Saint Hussy Scholarship Volume Two, the winner of the Volume One scholarship, and the importance of supporting new talent. Justin talks about the ease of going to one place to find out what's going on in the area, Brogan talks about what he's been doing at Cosmic Bottles, and plans for a BBQ festival this summer.

Thanks, Will, for stopping back in to share what you’ve been up to!

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