Episode 216

Saturday Night Grit - Backpacks and Buttcheeks


April 18th, 2022

1 hr 28 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

On this Saturday Night Grit, Scott, Justin, and Jeff talk about Jeff's recent cruse, what their friends from Chasing Ghosts have been up too, their plans at Crypticon, the upcoming 420 and much more!

00:23 – Jeff share's how he explains the podcast, Robo Brogan shows up, and Scott talks about celebrating Easter with his adult child. Jeff talks about meeting people that did an Adult Easter, Justin kicks off the Jeff's Capades, where Jeff talks about his recent vacation. He talks about flying from Seattle to Florida, being laid over in Miami, and their stop of in Haiti. He talks about the cruise's decision not to stop in Puerto Rico, his greatest fear of being on a cruise ship, and encourages listeners to reach out to their representatives to have cannabis on cruises.

22:49 – Jeff talks about the amazing pictures that were taken on the cruise, the fantastic staff on the ship, and what he loved on the cruise related to food. He talks about the great people they met from LA, the comedian and ventriloquist he watched, and the live bands on the ship. He talks about the cool thing with the bathroom on the boat, Scott makes future cruise plans with the guys, and they discuss where they would go.

44:17 – Justin expresses the group's desire to visit the Caribbean, Scott shares that birds don't dream when they sleep, and Justin talks about their plans with friends from Chasing Ghosts With Scooters. They talk about the grand opening of South Sound Scooters, Scott gives props to Camp Bar, and talks about bikes he's had in the past. Justin hypes up their plans at Crypticon, the strategy for the room bar, and Scott share's his plan to bring the Green Dragon.

66:03 – Justin shares his mother-in-law's shout out to Joe Malik on the last podcast, gives recommendations of other podcasts, and talks about his new favorite strain of cannabis. They encourage listeners to visit Mary Mart, discuss investing in cannabis, and Justin gives a shout-out to the latest Philly Steak Place in Tacoma. Scott and Justin talk about the recent comedy show they went to, what they drank at the show, and close out talking about the fantastic comedian's they saw.

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