Episode 218

Friday Night Hangout


April 25th, 2022

1 hr 50 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

On this Friday Night Hangout, Jeff, Justin, and Scott talk about 420, Crypticon, Whidbey Island, mushrooms, and much, much more!

00:04 – Justin kicks off the show, requesting Scott explain himself, Robo Brogan joins the crew, and they talk about their Patrons-only podcast. They talked about their 420 episode, Justin gives a shout-out to his mother-in-law, and they talk about the guests at the upcoming Crypticon. They talk about a friend of the podcast, Ken Carlson, being at Crypticon, their appreciation for Denny’s, and Scott shares that some Denny’s have hidden bars. Justin gives props to Scott, talks about the go-to foods he makes for his wife, and talks about his and his wife’s six-year anniversary.

27:12 – Justin talks about plans to visit Pickles Deli on Whidbey Island, they talk about pickle conspiracies, and plan for a pickle-tasking party. Justin talks about the grand opening of South Sound Scooters, Scott talks about going to the Pennywise secret show at Real Art Tacoma, and the stage diving at the event. They talk about how far we are from the apocalypse, jump into Scott Topics, and Justin talks about the mushroom festival in Colorado.

57:06 – Scott talks about mushroom caskets, Justin talks about trying to dress up his cats, and Jeff shares how his cat loves the leash. They talk about hanging out at Jeff’s house, the fantastic food they enjoyed, and the games they played while there. They plan the makes of a variety show, [this section stricken from the notes], and Justin talks about a podcast friend creating a motorized couch in Tacoma.

84:26 – They talk about places they’ve seen GCP stickers posted at, Scott talks about the random people that request to be on the show, and shares what drinks enjoyed while recording. Justin talks about the neighborhood groups he’s involved in, how to get involved in the community, and the volunteer opportunities for South Sound 911. He talks about what he’d do if he won the lottery, the Citizens Academy for the Tacoma Police Department, and they close out discussing the recent Disney news in Florida.

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