Episode 220

Ross Allison - AGHOST


May 2nd, 2022

1 hr 13 mins 36 secs

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Ross Allison, founder of AGHOST joins the guys for this episode. Ross has been a ghost hunting for over 30 years, and in addition to being a paranormal investigator, he is an author, media host, lecturer, teacher, and event tour guide. He has appeared on several radio programs, news coverage, and television shows, including The Learning Channel’s America’s Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Tonight Show, MTV, CMT, CNN, A&E, the Discovery Channel, ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth, Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters, Nightline and two episodes of Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America”.

01:27 – Justin welcomes Ross, where listeners can find information online about AGHOST, and Ross talks about what got him into ghost hunting. He talks about forming the group in Seattle, being a full-time ghost hunter, and Justin talks about personal ghost experiences. Ross discusses the patience needed for ghost hunting, Scott talks about his experiences in the area, and Ross talks about how he peruses places to hunt ghosts.

18:18 – Ross explains why the apps people use may not be legit, the problems he faces in the ghost hunting field, and how he validates ghost encounters. He talks about the equipment he uses to read the environment, Justin talks about his theories of what ghosts are, and Ross shares what the secrets are to his success. He talks about the most challenging parts of ghost hunting, they talk about the ease of people manipulating videos, and Ross talks about the romanticism in working with the media.

36:41 – Jeff asks the first Coaster Question, Ross talks about his best personal ghost encounter, and always being respectful of the spirits he communicates with. Justin talks about GCP’s haunting experience at Union Club, Ross shares that he’d like to do an investigation there, and his want to also do a ghost investigation at the Pentium Temple in Tacoma.

55:15 – Ross talks about developing the system to prove touch, where listeners can watch ParaSense, and how long he’s been doing the ghost tours in Seattle. He talks about ghost research bias, the importance of stripping things down to their simplest form when investigating, and the importance of interviewing people who have had the experience. He talks about why the Amityville ghost case is so well known, being able to walk through the house, and AGHOST open memberships.

Thanks to Ross for joining GCP for an exciting look into the paranormal!

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