Episode 22

Best Of - Blue Helix


July 2nd, 2018

1 hr 7 mins 58 secs

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On this episode, after a short intro, the guys replay a "Best Of" that was recorded with Sami Chohfi from Blue Helix. Blue Helix is a local alternative rock band that Sami formed in 2008. Their latest record, “A Tale of Two Halves” was released in 2014. The band does an amazing job playing live, something that they strive for. Sami said it all when he said: “If you can’t do it live don’t do it on the record.” They are the winners of the 2015 Puget Sound Battle of the Bands.

The guys kicks off with conversation on the GCP’s 4 year anniversary and Justin’s new house in Tacoma. Justin chats about his neighbors and they play a voicemail Brogan left Justin while he was at the Solstice Fremont Street Festival. Jeff talks about seeing Girl Trouble in concert and they give an update on Blue Helix who is performing on July 20th at the Chris Cornell Tribute at The Crocodile where portions of the proceeds go to the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.

17:00 – Brogan introduces how he was introduced to Blue Helix. Sami explains how the band came together in 2008, building a recording studio, how he learned about recording with other engineers, and putting out his first record. He talks about playing full time, being a music teacher, in addition to how he taught himself to play the guitar and writing his own music.

25:15 – Sami discusses what his back up quest would be if he didn’t play music, which is playing in the NFL. He then talks about the other two members of the band, the move from a four person band to a three piece band, incorporating backing tracks, and future plans as the band continues to grow.

36:36 – The guys ask Sami’s opinion on a venues responsibility and an artist’s responsibility for promotion of the event. Sami explains that unlike most bands, they themselves promote their band via social media, where most bands are burnt out on self-promotion and they do expect the venues to do most of it.

50:27 – Discussion of the two years it took to make the “Aliens” video and what they went through for the planning and permits that were needed to make it happen. He explains working with Touch or Not Productions to turn his vision into a reality. Sami then talks about the trip with his wife to Africa, the video he recorded there, and what local tribe members have to do before getting married.

This episode comes to and end with them chatting about where people can find the band online, the importance of making a video with metaphors in it, their show on October 22nd, 2016, and the significance of getting feedback from their fans.

Thank Sami for joining the guys on this episode and you’re insightful look into the life of a musician.

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