Episode 228

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Google AI & VR Porn


June 20th, 2022

1 hr 22 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

This time, all the guys get together and chat about the VR world, HOA's, 4th of July party, robots, and BBQing.

00:19 – Scott talks about getting a VR, Justin talks about Meta Horizon Worlds, and Jeff shares his neighbor fertilizing his lawn. Brogan talks about lawn maintenance rates, Jeff gives recommendations for first things for people to do when first using VR, and his favorite pinball games in VR. He talks about how people find each other in Horizon World, Scott talks about the immersive VR videos he's been enjoying, and the virtual office setups.

20:12 – They jump into Jeff's Capades, Jeff talks about his recent neighbor visit, and how far his HOA stretches in the area. Justin talks about HOA complaints he hears, the challenges of being the HOA king, and Jeff chats about being approached by a lady asking for gas. Justin expresses how the lady potentially was casing the area for people being home, Justin talks about the guy being chased on his bike by a bear, and Brogan talks about his recent camping trip.

41:29 – Justin talks about why he bought his pellet gun, why he decided to have the 4th of July party on Saturday, and his recent addition of a keg to his bar. He talks about wanting to go camping, Brogan expresses being done with camping in a tent, and they kick off Scott Topics. They review the questions from the LaMDA Sentient interview, discuss the Spider-Man robot crash during a stunt, and the claim that robots will be taking over humans.

61:44 – Justin inquires about the length of time it would take to smoke BBQ wings on his Traeger, they discuss if using a Traeger is cheating, and Justin talks about smoking a pizza. Brogan talks about the success of smoked brisket tacos at his shop, selling beer on Uber Eats, and Scott shares his love of to-go drink orders still available at the bar. Jeff talks about his want to start to get back into airbrushing, Brogan talks about visiting the Washington Association of Brewers earlier in the day, and they close out talking about recent brew fests in the area before opening it up to the listeners.

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