Episode 234

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Point Ruston Drama


August 1st, 2022

1 hr 11 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

Brogan, Jeff, Justin, and Scott chat about the heated PNW, Rustin Way Drama, VR, and virtual brands.

01:17 – Jeff kicks off the episode with his safe word, discusses strange con bathroom experiences, and Scott proposes a new con idea. They talk about the heat in the PNW, the flooding around the country, and Brogan talks about recently catching Covid. Brogan gives his review of the show Yellowstone, Justin talks about staying in Boseman Montana, and they discuss Ceezer going to Egypt.

17:43 – Brogan talks about visiting the Brick Saloon, Justin talks about his wife wanting a Vespa, and his brand-new windows. Scott reflects on the original GCP logos, Justin gives a shout-out to Raise the Bar Triathlon, and Scott dives into Scott Topics. Jeff talks about the Russian flight that went down, Justin talks about finding the cops that live stream on FaceBook, and discusses how GCP got started with the Union Club.

40:02 – Justin talks about Rustin Way temporarily discontinuing selling Mexican-style food at their farmer's market, the vendors impacted, and Brogan talks about the restrictions of what he can sell at his business based on other companies in his area. They discuss better ways it could have been handled, Brogan's dog stairs, and the number of subway shops in the area.

55:33 – Brogan talks about discovering the carmelized onions he uses for the hot dogs at Cosmic Bottles, Justin talks about his new VR, and the discovery of IHOP's two virtual brands. They talk about other virtual brands, toss around other food ideas, and Scott talks about the best way to enjoy a meatball sandwich.

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