Episode 233

GCP: Saturday Night Grit


July 25th, 2022

1 hr 28 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Brogan, Jeff, Justin, and Scott get together and chat about old GCP episodes, the happs in the community, VR, OPPs, pinball, and the upcoming Grit City Comic Show.

01:27 – Jeff kicks off the podcast sharing the safe word of the day, Justin gives props to no pants Saturday, and they make plans for a shared GCP tattoo. Justin reflects on the RC that was at B and I, Jeff shares plans for updating his tattoo, and Justin gives a shout-out to local cannabis producer Narrows. Scott's talks about Agro Couture, they talk about their love of Liquid Death, and why they think it tastes so good.

22:06 – Brogan reflects on working at Western State back in the day, Scott talks about the number of sick people he sees in downtown Seattle, and Justin kicks off Is It Tacoma. He reads through each article, Scott Jeff and Brogan make their guesses, and Justin reveals which article is the winning one. Jeff shares why it's important not to walk too close behind a horse, Justin talks about horses being emotional, and Scott shares how he feels about horses.

44:34 – Brogan talks about Cosmic Bottles summer fest, Justin talks about the Scottish games, and the return of Dystopia Rising. Justin talks about his recent updates to The Rainbow Room, his mother in laws love of Brogan's beer, and they kick off Scott Topics. Scott talks about the recent first-time use of augmented reality contact lenses, they jump into OPPs, and Jeff shares his love of his Progressive lenses. Scott talks about wearing glasses in VR and his plan for wearing contacts in VR instead.

66:18 – Scott mentions their competition for pin ball, Justin talks about his fantastic win of the inaugural Pin Ball at The Triple Knock, and the incredible things he picked up at Art on The Ave. Jeff talks about the instruments he's improving, Scott talks about leaving stickers on his machines, and Justin talks about being into PC building back in the day. Justin talks about their plans to be at The Grit City Comic Show and the great items they'll have there.

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