Episode 236

GCP: Byron Pullen Real Estate


August 15th, 2022

1 hr 33 mins 50 secs

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Byron from Byron Pullen Real Estate joins the podcast for this episode. Real estate has always been a passion for Byron, and he works to provide top-notch service no matter what stage of life or home buying/selling process his customers are in. Outside of real estate, he loves traveling, cooking with his wife, and playing Frisbee with their dog Jovie.

01:31 – Jeff reveals the day's safe words, Justin talks about how long he and Byron have been friends, and Byron describes the distinction between real estate agents, brokers, and realtors. He talks about working on setting himself apart from other agents, the PNW areas he covers, and Justin reflects on how University Place used to be. Byron talks about new plans for the area, hot button issues lately around development in the area, and the types of business he does.

23:15 – Jeff talks about people squatting in vacation homes in Florida, Justin brings up the shift of the market being a sellers' market, and Byron goes over real estate stats of the past six months. He talks about the inventory increase in the area, the average days on the market, and Justin talks about his home buying experience. He talks about how quick the turnaround time was, Scott reflects on how long houses were on the market 10 – 12 years ago, and Byron shares his favorite part of the job.

46:49 – Byron talks about the different types of content he puts out in the area, the breweries he recommends going to, and Justin talks about the two great places you can pick up pizza by the slice. Byron shares that Salamone's opening a new location in University Place, the area where it's going, Justin share's where they're recording, and Byron talks about the hot new wants of home buyers.

70:58 – Byron talks about the power buyers currently have that they may not know about, what he encourages buyers to do regarding buy downs, and the importance of having an experienced agent. Scott talks about real estate investment, one of the easiest ways to get into real estate investment, and they talk about the potential of property taxes going up in the area. Byron touches on state and federal programs for home buyers, and they discuss the importance of not making any major purchases before closing on the home.

Thanks to Byron for the great real estate conversation!

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