Episode 237

Tasting Rum with Joseph Malik


August 21st, 2022

1 hr 27 mins

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About this Episode

GCP friend Joseph Malik returns to discuss rum, guns, and what he's been up to post-retirement. Joe is a bestselling fantasy author, adventurer, swordsman, and veteran with multiple tours in the U.S. Special Operations Command. He has also worked as a stuntman, a high-rise window cleaner, and a touring rock musician. You can also listen to him with the GCP team on episodes 215, 134, 106, 97, 96, 38, and 2!

01:18 – Jeff reveals the day's safe word, Justin reflects on the last time they had Joe on the podcast, and Scott talks about attending Joe's retirement party. Justin gives a shout-out to My Philly in Tacoma, Scott talks about the Sierra Nevada beer he's enjoying, and Joe talks about the Glenlivet Scotch he brought for the guys to enjoy. Jeff kicks off coaster questions, Joe talks about his new hobbies, and the luxury of now not having to have an alarm set.

21:10 – They talk about the bear cub eating the Mad Honey, Joe talks about the various types of wild animals that visit his house, and Scott shares his love of Joe's puppies. Joe talks about the kinds of dogs he has, his new book series, and Scott shares what he loves about Joe's books and how close they relate to real life. Jeff talks about the recent fireball crash in Hollywood, they talk about the unlucky lottery, and Justin shares why he doesn't have firearms in his home.

47:23 – Scott shares his rule for buying knives, his go-to gun, and Joe gives three gun recommendations. They dive into Rum tasking, Justin explains the three different types of Rum they have to try, and they try the first one. Joe reviews the first Rum, Scott talks about the fantastic smell of Captain Morgan vs. the taste, and Justin talks about pumpkin spice Rum.

65:06 – Scott talks about musicians aging whiskey in the barrels, they try the last of the three Rums, and discuss the tasting of Justins Pineapple Fireball. They share their thoughts on the final Rum, Joe gives his recommendations for other types of Rum, and talks about the flavors of Cuban Rum. They each share their favorite ones they tried, plan an event to try hand-crafted drinks at Joe's, and Justin and Scott share their love of The Shark.

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