Episode 240

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Beer, Weed, and Titmouse


September 5th, 2022

1 hr 37 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Justin, and Scott chat about Jaws, werewolf movies, bbqing, Washington State Fair, Grit City Comic Show, and much more!

00:00 – They kick off the podcast talking about the Washington State Fair, Jeff shares the word of the day, and they dive into cute animal talk. Scott talks about watching Jaws the original in 3D, Jeff talks about Jaws being his kryptonite, and they discuss how evil otters are. Justin talks about his spooky project, the #1 werewolf movie everyone should see, and they debate on if the Twilight movies count as werewolf movies.

24:33 – Justin reviews the movie Wolfcop, Jeff talks about what frustrates him the most in movies when they're trying to fill space, and Scott talks about the different services offered on Amazon Prime. Justin shares how he felt about the House of the Dragon, his recent bbq with family, and his love of the baked beans with apple pie filling the family brought. Justin talks about his love of cooking in the Traeger and plans to visit the Washington State Fair.

48:28 – Justin talks about the types of games he likes to play at the fair, the goat events at the Evergreen Fair, and they jump into Jeff's Capades. Justin and Scott talk about throwing up at the fair, accidents on fair rides, and the GCP bling they'll have at the upcoming Grit City Comic Show. Justin shares their idea for listeners to be able to give bad advice during the event for free stickers, the type of people that will be there, and if there will be after parties at the event.

72:05 – Justin reflects on Brogan's first strip club experience, the types of strip clubs in Portland, and strip club laws in Washington. Scott talks about the beautiful beaches in Mississippi, Justin talks about the construction from Fife to Tacoma being complete, and the recent article about the dating app meetup that went wrong.

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