Episode 241

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Wocka, Wocka!


September 12th, 2022

1 hr 11 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

On this Saturday Night Grit, Jeff, Justin, and Scott talk about the upcoming Grit City Comic Show, Justin’s continuing werewolf movie project, upcoming guests, area restaurants with new owners, fair food, and more!

00:15 – The show kicks off with Scott talking about Nate Diaz fighting the night of the recording, Jeff reveals the code word of the day, and talks about having fun in the discord. Justin gives a shout-out to the GCP’s dedicated listeners, comic book grading services they’ll offer at Grit City Comic Show, and their plans to have Ken back on the podcast. They make plans for a GCP after party during the event, special guests to have at the party, and Justin shares Mark Monlux’s kick starter for his Atomic Age Alien Series.

18:07 – Justin gives props to Michael J Fox in the Teen Wolf movie, Jeff and Scott share their recent man date at The Valley, and who they saw perform there. They discuss plans to meet with the Peterson brothers to talk about their next adventure, reflect on Rainer Beer commercials from the past, and other upcoming guests they’re going to have on.

35:25 – Justin talks about the recent TikTok celebrity he met, plans to have them on the podcast, and encourages listeners to keep track of what’s happening at their local libraries. He talks about visiting the Tacoma Moon Festival, Jeff talks about partying it up in Tacoma, and enjoying the late night food at Matador. Justin dives into Grit City Grub, talks about two older Tacoma restaurants with new owners, and the soft re-opening of the Pine Cone Café.

53:04 – Justin talks about who took over Spuds Pizza Parlor, what changes people should expect with the restaurant, and why chicken and jojo’s are one of his fave comfort foods. Scott talks about making wonton nachos, they discuss plans to visit the fair to enjoy some fair food, and Justin closes out talking about who they plan to speak with at the Union Club next week.

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