Episode 243

GCP: Streetbeefs Scrapyard - LIVE at The Scrapyard!


September 28th, 2022

39 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

This time the GCP guys were at the latest Streetbeefs Scrapyard event. Streetbeefs Scrapyard is the Pacific Northwest backyard fight organization located in Gig Harbor. It’s a branch of the largest backyard fight group in the USA, Streetbeefs, created in 2008. Steve brought Streetbeefs concept “Guns Down, Gloves up!” to the PNW in 2020.

00:16 – Justin comes up with the newest business idea to pass on to Steve, Scott talks about being excited to record this episode, and Justin briefly describes Streetbeefs Scrapyard. They play part of a fight for listeners to get a feel of what it’s like, Buddy V introduces himself, and how he ended up getting started in Scrapyard.

9:47 – Buddy V talks about the lives each of the fighters have outside of the fight, why he fights, and getting involved in the interviews he does for Scrapyard. He shares where people can find him online, Jeff and Scott encourage Justin to become a fighter himself, and they talk to Anomaly about his involvement with the club.

18:58 – Anomaly talks about the types of fighting he enjoys watching at the event, if he’s refereeing at it, and explains how they go through the rules before each event. He talks about why it’s important as a ref to watch the losing guy, Scott and Justin, guess who they think will win the current fight, and they talk to Lights Out, who shares the advice he would pass on to new fighters.

30:16 – They tune into another live fight, encourage the fighters in the last round to keep it going, and chat with Firechicken during fight intermission. Firechicken talks about the development he’s done since the last time GCP was out, the different types of fight styles he sees, and who his favorite is on the hall of fame. He talks about how people can get involved and the importance of understanding what each fighter wants to achieve with fighting.

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