Episode 242

Saturday Night Grit - Wolverine West Fireworks At The Washington State Fair


September 19th, 2022

1 hr 31 mins 8 secs

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On this episode, the guys talk about hanging out at the fair and meeting with Chad from Wolverine West Fireworks (thanks, Cnote!!) while there. They also discuss Werewolf movies, plans for the fall, and The Grit City Comic Show

01:17 – Jeff kicks off the podcast with the safe word of the day, Justin welcomes Tacompton Files back on Facebook, and his and Jeff’s recent experience setting off fireworks at the Puyallup Fair. He plays their recording the did at the fair, GCP patron Cnote shares how he got involved with setting off fireworks, and Chad talks about what Wolverine West Fireworks does. He talks about how he got started in fireworks, how long he’s been doing it, and the different events he sets fireworks off for.

21:50 – Chad talks about how interested people can get involved, the areas they serve, and Justin talks about where they ate before the fair. He talks about the haps of the food during the fair, wandering around while enjoying the food, and the different animals they saw. Jeff drops the pumpkin stats, Justin talks about the super pumpkin winners, and Jeff talks about rumors of how Joel Holland won in the past.

44:38 – Scott and Jeff talk about car fundraisers as kids where people paid to hit a car, the different pricing at the events, and Justin talks about his love of meeting listeners. He talks about his favorite stoner shows, getting the honor of lighting off the fireworks, and Jeff talks about the reward people who light off fireworks feel when people cheer after they go off. Justin talks about the art he found at the event, taking metal shop when younger, and gives a shout-out to the Peterson Brothers.

66:40 – Justin talks about his continuing werewolf movie quest, watching back-to-back of The Wolfman movies, and what stuck with him from the classic film. They talk about the psychological perspective behind the werewolf stories, plans for visiting haunted houses and corn mazes this fall, and Jeff talks about his grandkids making a horror movie. Justin talks about paintball bus rides, Jeff talks about making a music video petting goats, and the props he got for making the video.

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