Episode 244

GCP: Streetbeefs Scrapyard - Sit Down w/ Firechicken and Mandy Bear


October 5th, 2022

1 hr 5 mins 41 secs

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This time Jeff, Justin, and Scott sit down with Mandy Bear and Steve “Firechicken” from Streetbeefs Scrapyard. Streetbeefs Scrapyard is the Pacific Northwest backyard fight organization located in Gig Harbor. It’s a branch of the largest backyard fight group in the USA, Streetbeefs, created in 2008. Steve brought Streetbeefs concept “Guns Down, Gloves up!” to the PNW. They host fights monthly in Gig Harbor. You can find more information on their website listed in the links below.

01:42 – Jeff kicks off this episode with four words of the day, Justin shares the history of The Union Club, and Firechicken talks about the different fighting styles amongst the fighters. He talks about how Streetbeefs originated, how long Scrapyards has been going, and the various reasons people participate. Justin talks about the different fighters they spoke to on the last episode recorded at the event, Firechicken talks about the respect between the fighters, and how often he hosts the fights.

16:32 – Firechicken talks about his love of video editing, his journey to where he is in terms of recording the fights, and what the different Streetbeefs branches each bring to the table. Mandy shares her first thoughts when Firechichen started the fighting group, Firechicken talked about the research he did before starting it in Washington, and Jeff reads a coaster question. Firechicken talks about their rating system, how they are loose on the weight classes, and how fighters qualify for a title shot.

32:43 – Firechicken talks about the number of YouTube views some of the fights have had, the live stream at the event, and the difference between watching the live stream and watching the video post-fight. He talks about doing fight premiers, Mandy talks about the process of prepping for the event, and how she fills the support role the day of the fight. Firechicken talks about merch, Justin expresses his excitement for fall, and FIrechichen shares why he started selling merch online.

46:57 – Firechicken talks about the benefits of the Kickin' it with Chicken podcast, Justin talks about the importance of getting listener feedback, and gives Firechicken some “bad” business. They discuss the concept of politicians fighting in the ring, ideas for renting out the space, and the group has a “Bad Advice” conversation.

Many thanks to Mandy and Firechicken for hanging out with the GCP guys and having an excellent conversation! For listeners that enjoyed this conversation, Firechicken was also on episodes 132, 147, and 243.

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