Episode 245

GCP: Studio Hangout - Nostalgia ~ 2001


October 12th, 2022

1 hr 18 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Justin, and Scott hangout together in The Studio and get nostalgic about the year 2001, talk about the evolution of technology, Scott's trip to Nevada, a little weed talk, hockey, upcoming events, Real Art, and much more!

01:36 – Jeff announces this episode's word of the day, Justin shares love for Fire Chicken giving GCP shout-outs during the fights, and talks about Ken's Hell Bound Slant 6 #4 Kickstarter. They speak about their friend Billy joining the podcast in the upcoming weeks, if they are incense guys, and Justin reflects on the Harley Hippie Hut by PLU. He talks about Seattle Mariners making it into this year's playoff, the fact that it's been 21 years since they've been, and what was going on 21 years ago. They talk about what they were all doing during that time, Scott talks about taking correspondence courses back in the day, and how 2000 was a significant technology shift.

20:08 – Justin talks about the shift from dial-up internet to DSL, Brogan living with him back in the day, and Jeff talks about the different things available to watch on an airplane. Justin talks about his recent purchase during his visit to Art On The Ave, how GCP is moving to dropping episodes on Wednesday instead of Monday, and Scott talks about his recent trip to Nevada. He talks about how nice it is to take a drink from one bar to another in Nevada, the weather there, and the setup of Nevada weed dispensaries.

38:32 – Justin talks about the flux of weed shops in the PNW, Scott talks about how people in Nevada can grow marijuana if they live 20 miles from a dispensary, and the people from Nevada that he ran into that listen to the podcast. Justin talks about Scott hitting up The Valley that morning before recording, Scott encourages people to try the restaurant out even though its location isn't in the best part of town, and he and Jeff talk about the fences going up around tents in Tacoma. Justin talks about the increase in drag racing around Tacoma, Scott talks about his appreciation for living in the PNW, and Justin talks about the great bands that play at The Valley.

59:14 - Justin talks about going to the recent Seattle Hockey Game where they announced the mascot, what he enjoyed eating there, and the different types of food at the event. He talks about seeing the mascot, they each give their feels on the mascot choice, and they each suggest what they think alternative mascots could be. Justin talks about going to Mac Sabbath the same night, learning about the band through Clownvis, and how he felt about going to his first show post-Covid.

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