Episode 246

KenzoFKC - Grit City Comic Show Preview


October 19th, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 51 secs

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Friend of the podcast, Ken Carlson, joins the show to discuss the upcoming Grit City Comic Show and much more! Ken is a PNW writer, director, and producer. His latest work is on his comic book series Hellbound Slant 6; he’s currently working on #4 in the series. Fans can find information on his Kickstarter in the links below. You can see the GCP crew and Ken at their Grit City Comic Show booth on October 22nd!

00:04 – Justin kicks off the podcast with a new business idea, Jeff gives the word of the day, and Justin welcomes Ken back to the podcast. They reflect on the last time they hung out, Justin advises those that use a treadmill on the best way to use the machine, and Ken shares his love of Crypticon. They make plans to go to the event again next year, Ken talks about being at the Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup, and they talk about their booth at the upcoming Grit City Comic Show. They discuss ideas of making money during the convention, Ken shares the art he’ll have for sale at the event, and the different types of swag he’ll have there. He talks about his annual Skeletor art work, making it a birthday card, and Justin talks about Patrons getting a sneak peak of the t-shirts that they’ll have at the event.

15:03 – Ken talks about his newest Kickstarter campaign, the decision to release the 5th issue, and the new work he’ll have at the show. He talks about his latest drawings, what he loves about participating in the October ink drawing challenges, and Scott talks about how another artist they had on the show, Lee Moyer, drew a piece of art a day for a year and the benefits of doing it. Justin talks about the style Ken uses for Hellbound Slant 6, Ken explains how the comic books are all designed digitally, and the creativity behind salvaging the art he works on. Ken talks about the tools he used to develop his Wolverine drawing, the difficulty behind drawing hands, and where people can view his short Enter the Mind Dungeon.

30:36 – Ken talks about how he chose to cast Alyssa Kay as the Tiger Devil in Penny Palabras, how people can watch the show on the Fantasy Network, and they share their appreciation of the Taxi show that aired back in the day. Justin talks about the nostalgia in the current shows and they talk about the return of Beavis and Butthead. Justin encourages listeners to check out Ken’s Kickstarter, Ken talks about the issues he’ll have at the comic show, and how fans can get the other three comic books in the series. Ken explains the base of the story behind Hellbound Slant 6, the cameos in the comics, and Justin talks about the great success one of the listeners has had with Bad Life Advice. Justin gives Bad Life Advice to listeners attending the comic show, and the rest of the group chimes in with their advice.

48:27 – Justin talks about the different types of sketches he’s gotten from artists at various conventions, Jeff talks about getting a free drawing from an artist at a past comicon, and Ken talks about his favorite experiences at comicons. He talks about getting great deals during the convention, Justin gives listeners information about after-party plans where they get together at Camp Bar, and encourages listeners to attend the event. He talks about other businesses they know that will be there, how to support Ken, and Ken talks about the different local artists that will be at the show and the importance for people to get out and support them. The close-out talking about also supporting independent comic book stores.

Thanks Ken, for another great conversation; the guys are looking forward to hanging out with you at the event!

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