Episode 25

Art on The Ave


July 23rd, 2018

54 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys recorded from Tacoma’s Art on the Ave 2018. Art on the Ave is Tacoma’s largest art based event that celebrates music and arts along 6th Avenue from State St to Alder. This year was its 18th year and attracted thousands of supporters.

The show kicks off with Brogan admitting to stealing some of Justin’s BNB, Justin discussing setting up his man cave at his new house, co-working spaces in Tacoma, and what’s going on with this year’s Arts on the Ave. Brogan discusses his new idea for a band name and then they head down to Art on The Ave where they first talk to Liz Wilcox from the Hilltop Artists Glass Blowing. She discusses what Hilltop Artists is and what they do to benefit kids and teens in the community to help keep them out of trouble.

14:42 – The guys stop by Crown Bar, a local bar that has been on Diners and Dives, the guys call out Guy Fieri and express what they love about the bar. They then head to Mary Mart to discuss the stores want to destigmatize cannabis, and Rusty’s new restaurant on 54th by the Airport Tavern in Tacoma, The Church Cantina.

24:33 – Steve Dunkelberger is the next person they run into. He talks about his Drunk History, Tacoma Addition, a bar crawl starting at The Frontier and tours around the city providing history while enjoying drinks at great places around Tacoma. He drops some Tacoma history followed by the guys getting ‘buckets’ at Jazz Bones for $9. They also discuss where ‘pork chop sandwiches’ came from then enjoy some of the music at the show.

39:22 – They talk with the owner of Devils Reef and Tacoma Cabana in Tacoma. He tells the guys about the names of his drinks, Justin expresses the feel of the bar, the different art styles in the bar, the owner tells about how he came up with the ideas for the bar, and how he and Brogan met. They then chat with Levi Lyon, owner of Lyon Pride Music.

This week’s show comes to a close with talks about vanilla and natural extracts, the need for more research of things that say ‘Natural Flavor’ and the last stop at O’Malley’s. They recap their walk, the weird things they say, what they bought along the way, and where people can find them and Art of Ave online.

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