Episode 250

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Grit City Book Club


November 16th, 2022

53 mins 55 secs

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Jeff, Justin, and Scott talk about their local library and this week’s news on Twitter and Bitcoin.

02:10 – Justin gives the down and dirty of a blue checkmark back in the day, Jeff reveals the word of the day, and Justin talks about the present he received from the green Santa Claus. He gives a shout-out to Erik, Justin talks about his recent visit to the library, and the type of books he’s been reading lately. They discuss plans to make a Grit City Book Club and past books they’ve enjoyed.

13:20 – Scott suggests they have another animal podcast episode, Justin shares the idea for them to have podcasting classes at the library, and Scott talks about the cool things that come with having a library card. Justin discusses Elon Musk’s potential plan for Twitter, how the prior verification on Twitter works, and what happened after Elon started allowing anyone to verify through Twitter for a small fee.

26:52 – Scott talks about the considerable impact Twitter comments can have on businesses, Justin reflects on being a scourge on message boards back in the day, and Jeff poses a question on what people may think of him when they pass him in the street. They each share if they’ve been previously confused as a homeless person, Justin talks about his new job, and the benefits of working from home.

39:18 – They talk about the recent FTX news, Binance backing out of the deal to buy FTX, and the US Department of Justice and the FCC investigating the company. Justin talks about the remaining events that happened later in the week post-investigation, what got him into watching Game of Thrones, and Scott talks about buying Bitcoin back in the day.

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