Episode 249

GCP: Hangover Sunday - Brogan's Birthday!


November 9th, 2022

1 hr 14 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

Happy Happy Birthday to Brogan!!! This episode covers Brogans birthday party, falling back, Grit City Grub, and the haps around Tacoma!

00:00 – This episode kicks off with a Happy Birthday song for Brogan, they make plans to get back into VR, and Jeff reveals the word of the day. They talk about time falling back, reflect on their visit at Grit City Comic Show, and Justin gives props to those that came out and bought t-shirts. He kicks off Grit City Grub, his love of the Cuban sandwich at The Chruch Cantina, and Scott and Jeff talk about their breakfast at The Valley before the con.

18:57 – Justin talks about GCP's plans to eat at Camp Bar after the con, what happened instead that led him to have to go to the ER that night, and they talk about going to Brogan's 42nd birthday party at Cosmic Bottles. They talk about the people they got to catch up with at the party, the great food they enjoyed, and hanging with superfan Erik.

37:00 – They look through pictures they took at the party, Justin talks about what he would do if he won the lottery, and Scott talks about going to The Beacon Cinema for a Birthday Party. Justin talks about Brian Bosworth's football history, what ended his career, and Brian becoming a movie star. He talks about the making of the movie Roar, the happenings over the 11 years of the making, and plans for a GCP movie night.

55:54 – They make plans for Patrons to join them at a movie screening, other guests they'd love to invite to the event, and they type of movies they'd like to see. Justin talks about the recent Werewolf movies he's watched, Jeff gives his review of Werewolf by Night, and Justin shares where it fell in his Werewolf ratings. He recommends the guys watch WolfCop, they jump into Scott Topics on the Army ranger that led a terrifying bank robbery in 2006, and Justin talks about plans for a sports review from listener Erik.

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