Episode 251

GCP: Pint & Pie Public House


November 23rd, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 57 secs

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Jeff, Justin, and Scott get a chance to sit down with Yolanda, Alec, and Greg at Pint & Pie in Tacoma on this episode. Pint and Pie is a Pacific Northwest born Northwest Brewing Company. The spot is an English pub inspired tap room, serving winning beers and savory pies. They use the finest ingredients from right in their backyard and work hard to support Northwest products & producers all the way down to their tap handles from Portland, Oregon.

01:05 – Jeff reveals the safe word of the day, Justin talks about where they are recording, and the importance of never swiping right on Jeff's cell phone. Justin shares the location of Pint and Pie, Greg shares the company's history, and getting the second taproom in Tacoma started. He talks about partnering with the person that makes their pies, Justin talks about his excitement over the savory pies they have, and Alec talks about how he got started working with Greg. Greg shares his appreciation for having Alec on the team, Justin reflects on his gratitude for the process behind brewing, and Scott talks about his love of interviewing breweries.

15:24 – Justin talks about the history around the Old City Hall area in Tacoma, Greg talks about the history behind the building they are in, and Justin expresses his love for the Union Club where they record. Greg talks about what the building was before they moved in, how the pies are made, and Yolanda talks about the weird ghost activity that has gone on at the bar. Justin talks about past Scott and Brogans ghost-hunting adventures, and Jeff expresses the importance of local businesses letting people in for ghost-hunting tours.

30:37 – Justin talks about the city's hopes to renovate Old City Hall, Greg talks about their holiday plans, and Justin shares their recent decision to put up their Christmas Tree. Greg calls himself out around decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over, Yolanda talks about the events they have at the bar, including hosting a wedding, and Greg talks about how easy it is to book something there. Jeff talks about where he and his wife had their marriage ceremony at in Tacoma, Scott talks about the area still recovering from Covid, and Geg talks about the different dynamics between running a bar in Tacoma and other areas.

43:32 – Greg explains how many beers they typically have on tap, Alec talks about finding new ideas for beers, and how long he's been in the area. He speaks on the difference between the PNW and where he's from in Michigan, how Tacoma has grown on him, and Greg talks about the whole brewing industry is in flux right now. Alec shares his beer preference, Yolanda describes how they sell flights, and Greg talks about them going through a company name change. He talks about what caused them to make the change, being a hockey fan, and his excitement for the Kraken.

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