Episode 269

GCP: Harts Services


March 29th, 2023

50 mins 47 secs

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Tim from Harts Services rejoins the group to catch up from when they last visited on episode 93. Harts Services has been open in the PNW area since 2013; they have dedicated themselves to the mission of providing high-value plumbing services in Tacoma, Seattle, and surrounding areas. They believe every customer deserves respect and a positive experience and aim to provide professional, top-quality, value-added solutions customers can rely on at competitive rates. Harts Services also opened our much-anticipated academy and apprentice program in 2022 to help connect them with highly motivated individuals looking to enter the field.

00:17 – Justin kicks off this episode suggesting they all need professional help, welcomes Tim back from Harts Services, and commends him on his fantastic mustache. Scott and Jeff talk about their recent visit on Discord, going down GCP memory lane, Justin talks about his past needs for a plumber in his rental and current house, and Tim talks about Tacoma Public Service's excellent service.

10:51 – Tim talks about what got him into the plumbing profession, his love of Washington, and starting Harts from the ground up. He talks about the fulfillment in doing the job, Jeff poses the first coaster question, and Tim gives his insight on if people need an expansion tank on a tankless hot water heater in Tacoma. Justin talks about the Harts coverage area, Tim talks about the benefit of preventative management, and his theory of working from the outside in.

22:31 – Tim gives his perspective on flushable wipes, speaks to their impact on certain sewers, and the strangest things he's seen flushed down the system. Dereck talks about listening to the original GCP episode Hart Services was on that sparked him to contact them for plumbing issues, Tim talks about the benefits of offering finance options for customers, and speaks to his thoughts on the bidet.

35:02 – Tim talks about services they offer customers for prevention, Justin talks about re-piping his house, and Tim shares that they've just added an electrical division of the business. He talks about other areas they plan to expand to, Justin suggests they put together a band, and Tim talks about his band and what it's been up to.

Thanks, Tim, for checking back in with GCP on what Harts has been up to since the last conversation.

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