Episode 271

GCP: Hangout - Electric Squirrels And Hot Takes


April 12th, 2023

54 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

On this Thursday GCP episode, the guys chat about squirrels disrupting electricity, D&D, the D&D movie, and Tacoma Hot Takes.

01:36 – Robo Brogan kicks off this episode, Justin shares a local news article that happened at an apartment he and Borgan rented in Tacoma back in the day, and Jeff and Scott guess what caused the recent power outage in downtown Tacoma. Justin reveals the root cause, and they talk about commentators embellishing descriptions of stories around squirrels interrupting electricity.

14:17 – Justin talks about the nerdy guys weekend getaway he likes to do once a year playing D&D, renting the Airbnb for the event, and they talk about the D&D movie that just came out. Justin shares where they will be staying, Scott talks about the person in Canada who has been running a D&D campaign for 20 years, and they make plans to do a weekend of Larping.

28:37 – Justin dives into Tacoma Hot Takes, explains the meaning of Hot Takes, and they each discuss what their favorite sandwich and sandwich places are. They talk about the lack of 24-hour restaurants in Tacoma and the improved Tacoma traffic compared to what it was in the past.

42:50 – Scott recommends those who visit Tacoma check out Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Jeff expresses his dislike of the hills in Tacoma, and Scott gives his Hot Take on people standing in line. Justin talks about the Tacoma Aroma, Scott talks about how hops smell like weed, and they close out this episode by talking about their Putt Stuff plans this summer.

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