Episode 274

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Best Bars!


May 3rd, 2023

1 hr 42 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, the guys discuss seeing Brian Posehn at Tacoma Comedy Club, Putt Stuff, Top 15 bars in Tacoma, Is it Tacoma, and movie reviews.

00:05 – Justin kicks off this episode talking about why he loves shopping at Winco, talks about having Covid, and they talk about the sign-ups they've gotten so far for Putt Stuff. Justin discusses their plans to do a practice round before the event, the upcoming 4th of July party, and the 420 celebrations around town. He gives a shout-out to comedian Brian Posehn for doing the comedy show in Tacoma after being in a car accident and talks about the plans for a second comedy club in Tacoma.

26:03 – Justin talks about how late-night comedy shows are more entertaining, they review The Top 15 Bars in Tacoma article, and their take on each of the bars reviewed in it. Justin talks about being intimidated to go to Bob's Java Dive, Scott talks about the bar being in movies, and Justin shares what he loves about Top of Tacoma. He reflects on winning a costume contest back in the day, events at Dystopian State Brewing Company, and they make plans to take Derek to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

51:05 – Scott shares his hate of the word keef, Justin kicks off Is It Tacoma, and goes through each headline. GCP live listeners give their insight on the articles, Scott gives his guess, and Jeff considers each of the stories and shares his guess. Justin reveals where each article is from, Scott expresses how Sumner is his least favorite train stop, and Jeff talks about an experience with his apartment flooding. Scott reflects on past adventures with his float tank, considering buying an underground house back in the day, and discusses the benefits of having a bunker.

76:33 – The group discusses whether they would live in the penthouse of a hotel, the downfalls of living there, and Scott talks about wanting to visit Maryhill's Stonehenge. Justin explains the spots history, where it's located, and they plan a road trip to explore it. Derek gives his review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, what he loved about the show, and a listener recommends they watch Cocaine Bear. Jeff and Derek share what scenes stick out from Caddyshack for each of them, Justin talks about appreciating Chevy Chase's performance in the movie, and Jeff recommends the documentary about the movie.

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